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Blix Bikes Review: Everything You Need to Know

Blix is a popular electric velocipede trademark which you might see stuff ridden in your local town or city.

What do we know of Blix electric bikes and what should you be enlightened of should you want to buy one? Our review spills the beans.

Who Are Blix?

Blix currently offers six electric bikes, the Packa – a meaty e-cargo bike, the Dubbel – a utility e-cargo bike, the Ultra – an electric fat bike, the Sol – an e-cruiser, the Vika a folding electric bike and finally, the Aveny – a commuter, or electric municipality bike.

By simplifying their offering (one model for each e-bike type) and selling directly to customers via their website, Blix is one of many who can offer a good quality electric velocipede for less than you might think.

blix bicycle fact sheet

What Does Blix Specialize In?

Blix specializes in electric bikes under $2,000. Blix is one of many online velocipede retailers that sell directly to customers, a well-known way of keeping the price of bikes as low as possible for customers.

Are Blix Bikes Good?

All Blix bikes use a hub-drive motor rather than a increasingly expensive mid-drive motor. This nomination gives Blix electric bikes unbearable oomph, but crucially it helps make them increasingly affordable. Blix electric bikes are moreover fitted with a throttle, to requite riders the option of deploying it when legs or mind are tired.

A worldwide issue with all electric bikes, not just Blix electric bikes, is a low riding range – that’s the loftiness the velocipede can be ridden between chargers. Blix has gone some way to write this by offering their electric bikes with an uneaten battery.

Choose the standard shower option and the spec (618Wh) is such that most Blix electric bikes will get up to 45 miles per charger – increasingly than unbearable for most riders.

Blix Electric Bikes

It’s good to see Blix fit their electric bikes with a clear, centrally orientated exhibit – that way riders can hands see all the key metrics from the saddle. Plus Blix has been clever unbearable to add the possibility to tuition other devices, such as your smartphone, directly from the e-bike display.

All Blix electric bikes use a undulation sensor rather than a torque sensor to understand how much power the onboard motor should apply. Undulation sensors are fine but they can make an electric velocipede finger a tad unnatural to ride.

Blix isn’t explicit well-nigh the trademark of motor, shower and exhibit that they fit on their electric bikes. In the cycling industry, it’s worldwide for velocipede brands to source these parts from third parties rather than make them themselves. This could be a worry for long-term maintenance, but we’d imagine a quick email to Blix’s support team should elicit an answer.

In keeping with Blix’s ethos, the trademark offers each of its six electric bikes in just one frame size. For the majority, this will be fine, but if you are at the taller or shorter end of the spectrum, you might find that a Blix electric velocipede does not fit you.

Is Blix a Good Brand?

With nearly 10 years in business, Blix is a trademark that has stood the test of time. They are well known for their sub $2,000 electric bikes.

In the recent past, Blix decided to sell directly to consumers via their website, rather than through traditional velocipede shops wideness the country. As far as their website goes, Blix offers plenty of titbits to help customers decide. Product pages are packed with information and images. The specification tables are very detailed with the word-for-word ins and outs of the components fitted to each bike.

In order to make their electric bikes plane largest value, Blix has partnered with innovative finance provider, Klarna, to enable customers to split their purchases into smaller, increasingly manageable payments.

Blix has moreover partnered with Velofix, a rhyming partner in crime, to offer at-home turnout of a Blix velocipede when it arrives. Whilst they won’t imbricate the entirety of the States, a handy Zip Code checker enables customers to trammels surpassing purchasing this spare add-on at checkout.

For customers outside the USA, perhaps those shopping online for a velocipede in the UK, it’s bad news. Blix currently only ships their electric bikes to addresses in the USA.

Where Are Blix Bikes Made?

Whilst Blix isn’t explicit well-nigh where their bikes are manufactured, we’d guess they originate in Asia – perhaps China or Taiwan. The trademark has maintained a presence in Santa Cruz, its Californian home, since 2014 from which we imagine they tenancy the design, importation and other intricacies of their business.

Does Blix Make E-Bikes?

Blix makes e-bikes and only electric bikes. Their range is simple to understand with one model per electric velocipede type. We should imagine that with the popularity of electric bikes only set to increase, Blix won’t be producing regular bikes any time soon.

Blix Bikes Review

Blix has attracted some good reviews from customers and cycling industry media alike. Many reviews mention the spanking-new value of the bikes and the aftersales support offered by Blix.

blix product roundup

Best Blix E-Bikes

  1. blix packa genie e-bike

    An Electric Cargo Velocipede

    Blix Packa Genie

    With room for two, this is a meaty electric cargo bike, perfect for families on the go. Can siphon up to 200lbs of weight.

  2. blix dubbel utility e-bike

    Meaty Utility E-Bike

    Blix Dubbel

    Capable of delivering children, gear or whatever you fancy. Fits a wide range of riders and will be well-appointed for all.

  3. blix ultra fat e-bike

    All Terrain E-Bike

    Blix Ultra

    Running huge 4″ wide tyres, this velocipede is practical for the everyday but versatile unbearable for off-road vita and escapes.

  4. blix sol eclipse

    Crusier Style

    Blix Sol Eclipse

    Combining wide tyres, large swept-back handlebars and a well-appointed saddle, this e-bike is weightier for those who want a relaxed riding wits – waterfront front or not!

  5. blix vika flex e-bike

    Folds for Storage and Travel

    Blix Vika Flex

    Offering spanking-new value with a gutsy 500W motor, this a folding electric velocipede which can be customised with a number of modular accessories.

  6. blix avery skyline e-bike

    Well-Rounded Electric Velocipede

    Blix Aveny Skyline

    Based on a traditional Dutch or town bike, this e-bike is a go-to for commuting or errands on tarmac, in cities up and lanugo the country.

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