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Top tips for choosing a TT bike

So, the typical journey of the triathlete involves the following,

Completing your first race on a borrowed or second-hand bike. It doesn’t fit properly, lots of people pass you but you have a unconfined time so think, ‘I need a new bike….’

You purchase a road velocipede and quickly enter the world of upgrades and aero gains. ‘I’ll just get some new wheels; oh, and maybe a lighter group set and definitely some prune on aero bars.’

You protract to race on this bike, making upgrades and adjustments and you uncork to notice that, during a race, these stealth-like, ninja triathletes pass you on these sleek machines that squint a bit like your velocipede but different…. welcome to the world of time trial bikes!

You uncork to research and think, could this be the final piece to the jigsaw of nailing your velocipede split?

What is a Time Trial bike?

A TT velocipede is designed for speed. In simple terms, they tend to have a steeper seat tube wile and a increasingly warlike position resulting in aerodynamic gains and increased speed. The position moreover engages the quadriceps to supply the power and saves the hamstrings so you can then smash the run off the bike.

My Journey

I have been racing age group races for the past 5 years on a road velocipede with clip-on bars. At times, I’m sure I have been the only person in a race not on a TT velocipede but stuff cautious (aka tight with my money) I have been deliberating when I would get a TT velocipede for some time. However, this year (and the backdated NHS pay award) meant that this year would be that time! I thought I would share my wits and tips in choosing the right velocipede TT velocipede and pass on some first-hand experience.

TT Tip 1

Focus on the engine first, by that I midpoint you: your legs, heart lungs etc. Having a TT velocipede is not a silver bullet that will suddenly see you stuff worldly-wise to hold 400 watts and superincumbent all in your path. Take time to build your cycling strength, handling skills and wits surpassing going full TT.

TT Tip 2

Talk to others. Triathletes and cyclists like nothing increasingly than talking well-nigh the equipment they have, have had or going to get so use the experiences of those you trust to get an idea of what velocipede might be suited to you. Also, you may have a unconfined local velocipede shop, tri club and coaches that will moreover help you in the information gathering process. Don’t be wrung of striking up a conversation in transition (though ideally not during the race) and asking others well-nigh their bikes.

TT Tip 3

Set a upkeep and make it a realistic budget. There are other financing involved in ownership a bike, other than just…buying the bike. Save part of the upkeep for accessories, e.g. pedals (though they’re increasingly essential than most accessories!), bottles, power meter etc. Also, make sure there is money left for a proper velocipede fit, as if it’s not set up correctly plane the most wide bikes will not be salubrious to your race times. I decided to go for an entry level version of the velocipede as it made it increasingly forfeit constructive so I could then get a largest quality velocipede fit and have the potential to upgrade parts of the velocipede over the years to come

TT Tip 4

Test ride. Take the potential velocipede for a ride, most shops can offer this service. Some brands/models just suit the individual and others don’t; it is good to know this surpassing you splash out and then get stuck in an unhappy TT marriage.


TT Tip 5

Once you have purchased your little stow of joy, get that velocipede fit! To be fast, you need to be well-appointed and there is moreover no point in losing all important watts by not having the velocipede set up properly. Again, do your homework well-nigh who to get your velocipede fit with and the services they offer. I am lucky to have Velo Clinic tropical by and Callum there is an wool wizard in setting you up on your new bike. The fit should involve a detailed wringer of your soul and cycling style to establish ranges of motion and any biomechanical issues. From there, you will be on the velocipede for remoter analysis, measurements and adjustments to get the new stead in full race order. Also, make sure your shoes/cleats are checked and adjusted to suit the new set-up.

TT Tip 6

Take some time to get used to it. The new warlike positioning will finger variegated and at times plain uncomfortable as your soul adjusts so take the time to get used to the position, and don’t make your first ride a race. You may find some gym work or exercises could help with this transition to the new position and then this should be covered during your velocipede fit.

TT Tip 7

Get a velocipede that matches the colours of your kit considering we all want to be colour co-ordinated right?………Hang on, scrap that, get a velocipede with trademark new colours so you have an excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe of kit 😊

TT Tip 8

Get protected! Did you know that Yellow Jersey can insure your TT velocipede anywhere in the world and include crash forfeiture imbricate whilst in the hands of the airline, in transition and moreover whilst racing? Click here for a triathlon velocipede insurance quote

Yellow Jersey moreover provide triathlon travel insurance which is designed to imbricate emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation, trip abandonment, repatriation, as well as many other benefits.

Better still, all British Triathlon members and age Group triathletes get discounted rates on Yellow Jersey insurance policies.

For increasingly info or a bit of help , requite their friendly consumer support team a undeniability on 0333 003 0046. They’re not a big undeniability centre so getting through to them is easy!

Click here to learn increasingly well-nigh Yellow Jerseys partnership with British Triathlon and don’t forget to check out our vendible on our BTF x Yellow Jersey producer program

Good luck and see you in transition for a yack soon.

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