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Viribus Bikes Review: Are These E-Bikes Too Good To Be True?

Viribus Bicycle with logo

On the squatter of it, Viribus offer electric bikes are sensible prices. But are they too good to be true?

What well-nigh the brand’s history, where are they made and increasingly importantly, should you consider acutally ownership a Viribus bike? We wordplay this, and increasingly in this vendible for Discerning Cyclist.

Who Are Viribus?

Viribus can trace its history when to 2018, but it was in 2020 that it really kicked into gear. When the world was reeling from the first shockwaves of the coronavirus pandemic, Viribus released its first electric bike.

It couldn’t have come at a largest time for the visitor as the societal restrictions and consumer demands brought well-nigh by the pandemic saw bicycle and e-bike sales, in particular, skyrocket.

Viribus’ first tricycle came to market in 2021 and just a year later, and only four years without its founding, the trademark spoken a unique dual uniting diamond – substantially a clever way of delivering power to the dual wheels of a tricycle. The diamond ensures power is sent to both wheels in an optimised manner, delivering efficient forward momentum to the tricycle.

In a natural incubation of their product, Viribus spoken an e-tricycle in 2022. An electric velocipede for all, the Trio Electric Tricycle offers a reassuring ride in all conditions, terrains and surfaces.

What Does Viribus Specialize In?

These days, with so many electric velocipede brands misogynist (some of which promote US manufacturing) you’d be forgiven for thinking that Viribus wouldn’t be worldly-wise to find its niche.

But by producing competitively priced bikes and electric bikes, for both well-conditioned and disabled people, Viribus has shown how inclusive it is as a velocipede manufacturer.

Are Viribus Bikes Good?

Viribus offers good, entry-level e-bikes and bikes. Whilst their specification doesn’t point to premium performance, Viribus bikes offer increasingly than unbearable for the unstudied or infrequent rider.

Viribus electric bikes follow a familiar pattern for cheaper electric bikes. A hub-drive motor is placed in either the front or the rear wheel which takes its power from a shower mounted externally on the frame. Once in the saddle riders can segregate from either pedal squire mode or applying the throttle for simpler rides.

Is Viribus a Good Brand?

Overall, Viribus seems to be a reliable trademark that is held in good standing by its current customers.

The Viribus website is a comforting place to browse, both on smartphones and larger devices. With a mainly white background, both text and images are displayed unmistakably and in the right place.

Selecting a model from the Viribus range, the consumer is furnished with a wealth of information well-nigh the bike. From simple product imagery to increasingly inspirational lifestyle pictures and videos, you can really get an idea of each product from the repletion of your own home.

Being a direct-to-consumer trademark (it doesn’t currently sell its products via traditional velocipede shops) Viribus tries to make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase one of their bikes. They do this in a variety of ways.

Man in woods with Viribus bicycle

First, Virbius offer their bikes via ShopPay a finance and credit visitor which allows customers to either split their purchase into increasingly manageable payments or pay monthly via traditional finance – this payment method usually attracts interest.

Second, Viribus aim to process every order within 24 hours if it’s placed surpassing 3 pm PST on weekdays. From there shipping elapsing tends to take between 3 to 7 merchantry days – Viribus has various warehouses wideness the country. It’s moreover worth noting that Viribus currently offers self-ruling wordage on all of its bikes – the price you see will be the total price you pay!

Third, Viribus curates an extremely in-depth help part-way on its website. From key information a consumer is likely to need pre-purchase to informative turnout videos this section of the Viribus website has it all.

For customers ownership an electric velocipede online without seeing it first – these three features are both comforting and reassuring.

Where Are Viribus Bikes Made?

Whilst Viribus has a wiring in California, just outside Los Angeles, we’d wager that all of their bikes originate from Asia – most probably China. Asia is known as the powerhouse in bicycle manufacturing so it’d be no surprise to find out that all Viribus bikes uncork their life there.

Does Viribus Make E-Bikes?

Yes, Viribus makes electric bikes. Viribus currently have a variety of different electric bikes available, suitable for variegated requirements.

However, unlike some velocipede brands these days, Viribus still continues to manufacture regular pedal-powered bikes. The range of standard Viribus bikes extends from a vital hybrid velocipede to a increasingly unique tricycle.

Viribus Bikes Review

Viribus bikes have attracted a number of positive reviews, both from industry commentators and customers alike.

Customer reviews focus on Viribus’ value for money and for the electric tricycle in particular how the diamond and repletion of it is second to none. The fact that the Viribus electric tricycle has attracted nearly 200 reviews, of which over 150 of them are 5-star, is a testament to the quality of Viribus bikes.

Best Viribus E-Bikes

We’ve summed up the Viribus electric velocipede range below, highlighting their key models and who they are suitable for.

  1. viribus trio electric tricycle

    3 wheels for uneaten stability

    Viribus Trio Electric Tricycle

    Offering the promise of self-rule and mobility this electric tricycle is an platonic partner. With a helpful 250W motor on workbench its easy to get places however fit you are.

  2. viribus trio plus electric tricycle

    Increasingly powerful 350W motor

    Viribus Trio Plus Electric Tricycle

    The Plus is Viribus’ uprated version of their prestigious e-tricycle. With 100W increasingly in the motor this model is faster to slide and largest at climbing hills.

  3. Step-through e-bike

    Viribus Breeze

    A cruiser e-bike for going places at your own leisure. Complete with rear pannier rack, mudguards, lights and front basket.

  4. viribus panther electric mountain bike

    Electric mountain velocipede

    Viribus Panther

    Available in two colours and with a 350W motor, this velocipede is for exploring yonder from humdrum cityscapes and getting out on the trails.

  5. viribus gateway electric folding bike

    Folding electric velocipede

    Viribus Getaway

    A folding e-bike that’s versatile. It has a 50 mile range and the fat tires are unconfined for stability and repletion on light off-road sections.

  6. viribus stubby 2 electric fat bike

    Electric fat velocipede

    Viribus Stubby 2

    A matriculation 2 e-bike with upgrade 500W motor. If you want to prioritise speed and hill climbing performance, this might be for you.

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