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Wing Bikes Review: Are They Any Good?

wing bikes review

Characterized by their funky frame shapes and spanking-new value for money, Wing has garnered plenty of sustentation in the urban e-bike space.

Should you consider what is substantially a upkeep VanMoof? What are other riders saying well-nigh their Wing Bikes? We wordplay these questions and increasingly in our deep swoop into Wing Bikes.

Who Are Wing Bikes?

Wing Bikes is a bicycle manufacturer that prides itself on its transferral to providing e-bikes to customers at unconfined prices. The visitor was founded in 2017 by Seth Miller. The internet draws a zippo on pretty much anything vastitude this fact.

The Wing Bikes website doesn’t towards to shed any remoter light on this either. Information on the brand’s history is conspicuous by its absence.

wing bikes fact sheet

What Does Wing Bikes Specialize In?

Wing Bikes specialize in making affordable electric bikes, primarily for use in towns and cities. Wing Bikes are designed to make cycling wieldy and enjoyable for everyone. Another of the company’s focuses is affordability. All Wing Bikes are sold for under $2000 and yet are finished with a range of features that make them ideally suited for riding in towns and cities.

Unlike some electric velocipede brands that produce different types of electric bikes, Wing keeps things simple and, at the time of writing, has a tight range of four bikes. The Self-rule 2, The Self-rule 2 ST, the Self-rule X and the Self-rule Fatty 2.

Are Wing Bikes Good?

Wing Bikes follow a tried and tested method for producing a upkeep electric bike. Rather than use a increasingly expensive mid-mount motor, all Wing electric bikes use a hub motor housed in the rear wheel.

Don’t think that this leaves Wing Bikes wanting for performance. Indeed, hub motors are noted for their lightness and tautness when compared to mid-mount motors and when you throw in uneaten capabilities like a throttle, Wing bikes have plenty to get cyclists’ heart racing.

Clearly, Wing Bikes’ USP is their striking frame design. The top tube of the frame – for the uninitiated that’s the horizontal bit – pokes out at either end, a neat diamond solution that allows Wing to neatly slot in a front and rear light.

Wing Self-rule X.2 Full Review

Another full-length that Wing is keen to bring to light is their alarm. Although details are scant theoretically all Wing bikes have a ‘remote lock’ and ‘tamper detection’. It’d be unconfined to know the word-for-word ins and outs of this system, but anything to prevent e-bike theft is good in our book, expressly when you consider the price of Wing e-bikes.

The company’s e-bikes are designed with long-lasting batteries (different variants are available) and fairly good-quality components. They are moreover designed to be well-appointed and easy to ride, with features like willowy saddles and handlebars.

Delving a bit remoter into the Wing Bikes website and you can unmistakably see that the trademark is keen to push the fact that its bikes can be repaired and maintained by any velocipede shop. This is unconfined considering whilst online velocipede shops are great, they aren’t, unfortunately, worldly-wise to fix your bike!

Wing are true to their word on this fact and plane uploaded a very helpful .pdf of error codes a Wing electric velocipede might exhibit when there is a problem. 10/10 on this one Wing!

Is Wing Bikes a Good Brand?

Yes, Wing Bikes is trademark that is known for its transferral to making affordable electric bikes, primarily for use in towns and cities.

Clearly where Wing Bikes differ from most other manufacturers is in their frame design. Whether you think it’s a cheaper VanMoof look-a-like or simply just a characterful e-bike at a unconfined price is up to you.

Where Are Wing Bikes Made?

As we’ve once discussed, detailed information well-nigh Wing Bikes is pretty nonflexible to come by. That said, we think we’d be on solid ground by stating that Wing Bikes bikes are made in either China or Taiwan. The bicycle supply uniting industry is very well structured and Wing is pedalling on a very traditional path for direct-to-consumer bikes.

We’d imagine Wing’s commercial operation is run out of their US home, with collaborative diamond and manufacturing happening in Asia. We’d moreover hazard a guess that the trademark maintains an turnout presence in the USA, that way it can deal with quality and warranty issues as they arise.

Cyclists in the UK who have their online shopping vision on Wing will be disappointed – unfortunately, the trademark doesn’t currently ship to the United Kingdom.

Does Wing Bikes Make E-Bikes?

Yes, Wing Bikes specializes in e-bikes and e-bikes only. All Wing electric bikes are designed to make cycling increasingly wieldy and enjoyable for everyone. The company’s range focuses on e-bikes for municipality riding (the Self-rule Fatty 2 stuff a notable exclusion) and our readily willowy so all kinds of riders can find them well-appointed to ride.

Wing Bikes’ Bikes Review

Wing Bikes bikes have received many positive reviews from customers as well as other third-party riders. Let’s squint at some of their reviews to determine what features Wing Velocipede riders like the most.

Many focus on Wing Bikes stuff well-appointed and easy to ride. Other reviews focus on Wing’s consumer support and their worthiness to diagnose or fix problems post-purchase, with one plane detailing how Wing liaised with their local velocipede shop to get them up and riding quickly pursuit a problem.

wing bikes product round up

Best Wing Bikes E-Bikes

Time to squint at some Wing Bikes in increasingly detail.

  1. wing bikes self-rule 2

    The Original Wing

    Self-rule 2

    The first example of Wing’s sleek design. On workbench lights, mudguards and derailleur gears midpoint this would make a decent year-round passenger bike.

  2. wing bikes self-rule st

    Step-Through Frame for Comfort

    Self-rule ST

    Sold in one frame size, the ST is Wing’s most well-appointed bike. The step through diamond (hence the name) is easy to mount and dismount.

  3. wing bikes self-rule x e-bike

    Includes Torque Sensor

    Self-rule X

    With the onboard torque sensor this e-bike is increasingly intuitive to ride. The power will finger increasingly natural and much like riding a regular bike, just faster!

  4. wing bikes self-rule fatty 2

    With 4″ Fat Tyres

    Self-rule Fatty 2

    Featuring a powerful 750W motor, this e-bike should cope on most terrain. Like all Wing bikes it includes their unique watchtower system.

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