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17 Christmas present ideas for the cyclist that has it all!


Chances are you’ve got a pedal-pusher or two in your circles. And hey, if you’re diving into this, you might be dealing with a whole squadron of cyclists (LUCKY YOU!)

Although you’d think with such an expansive variety of kit, tools and traps available, that cyclists are a doddle to buy for, but sadly this just makes the whole process somewhat overwhelming. But fear not, we’ve concocted a nifty top 17 line-up for road, gravel and mountain bikers. Whether you’re aiming for a unobtrusive stocking stuffer or looking to unravel the upkeep with a mind-blowing present, we’ve got you sorted with gifts that work well, stand the test of time and squint great.

On top of our list here, don’t forget that all Yellow Jersey customers have wangle to the YJ Partner rewards page. Just log in, hit the rewards button, and let the gifting extravaganza begin!



Perhaps not the first thing that springs to mind as an heady present, but a good quality velocipede lock is essential to reduce the chances of your velocipede getting stolen and for your insurance to be valid. We unchangingly recommend you use at least Sold Secure Gold standard, with Diamond stuff the best. Kids yonder at university with their velocipede stuff their main mode of transport, then squint no further! LITELOK produce a range of wile grinder-resistant locks which get my vote:


Black knee length Spatz Roadman 3 overshoes

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs then you’ll know that we often champion Spatz products. Why you ask? Well, quite simply they work so well. Spatz products are designed and tested by former Pro rider, Tom Barras in the UK (the Yorkshire Dales, no less). Due to the UK’s brutally grim, visionless and wet winters, all Spatz products come out of the box with wrongheaded conditions in mind. Take a squint at their stuff!


Crank Brothers M20 multi tool

There is no such thing as having too many tools, let vacated multi-tools. As far as quality, practicality and price point go, it’s really nonflexible to write-up the Crank Brother M20 tool. Its got everything you need and most importantly, has a uniting tool which allows a snapped uniting to be stock-still on the side of the road.


Dyna Plug

Tubeless tyres are sunny at shrugging off punctures until they aren’t! sometimes a puncture can be just a tad too large for the sealant to work well which is where the puncture plug comes in. Simply find the hole, shove the plug in, cut off the glut and off you go. Dyna plugs are beautifully synthetic out of prefab 6061 aluminium so they squint amazing, are strong and weigh next to nothing.

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bicycle frame strap

Brilliant for holding a spare inner tube and pump in specimen you need to fit an innertube mid-ride. They squint tomfool too ????


Hope snifter opener

Crack unshut a festive post-ride instillation in style with this Hope Snifter opener. It’s made in the UK, will likely last forever and quite frankly, for £5.00, you can’t go wrong!


Apidura handlebar bag

One for the gravel riders out there. Bar tons squint tomfool and offer a user-friendly storage solution for your bikes. For the velocipede packers, it’s nonflexible to squint past Apidura tons but for the style-conscious, trammels out Rapha.


Silca track pump

A staple requirement of every cyclist’s tool selection. If your loved one doesn’t have a track pump, get them one!! This Lifeline professional pump offers unconfined value for money and looks far increasingly expensive than it unquestionably is. However, if you’ve got money to burn, trammels out the Silka Super Pista Ultimate Hiro Edition pump. It’s a tad increasingly plush at £550 and ultimately gives you the same result but hey, it’s cool, right?!


bicycle light

Be unscratched be seen. At the very minimum, you need to be using a rear light as often as possible when riding on the roads. The Bontrager Flare lights offer good value for money, are super bright, waterproof, USB chargeable and mount hands onto any bike.


OTE energy bars

Keep riding for longer with on-bike nutrition tailored to cyclist’s needs. OTE products are all made in the UK and taste wonderful!


Juice Lubes velocipede wash

Take superintendency of your velocipede and it’ll take superintendency of you. Starting your ride on a dirty velocipede isn’t cool, or good for your bike. Rinse, wash, dry and lube without every ride. Know a mucky pup who needs some encouragement? Drop a subtle hint with the Juice Lubes scrub and vitrify kit bundle!

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Bikepacking Scotland

When it comes to outdoor velocipede adventures, the UK hosts some of the most trappy terrain the world has to offer. Markus Stitz who knows a thing or two well-nigh gravel and velocipede packing vita has written a sunny typesetting on velocipede packing in Scotland. With an variety of routes and stunning imagery, it truly will help inspire your own adventures. Ps, All of Markus’ routes have a QR lawmaking which when scanned will upload the route straight to your phone. Nifty!


Sportful Merino Wool socks

Lots of people seem to laugh at the idea of gifting socks for 17 Christmas present ideas for the cyclist  but I’ll put it out there, I love it! How well-nigh this year, transmute the gifting of ‘everyday’ socks to a set of merino wool cycling socks? They wick sweat well, are warm and won’t stink. Thank me later ????


In the world of velocipede gear, nothing screams “cool” quite like personalised kit. Sure, a custom frame paint job would be the pinnacle, but let’s be real—that’ll take an age to sort! So, why not opt for a sleek custom stem throne cap from Kapz? Their hodgepodge is vast, but if you can’t spot the perfect design, you can make your own! And that’s not all—they craft custom drink bottles, bar end plugs, and plane dog tags – a sunny souvenir idea if you want to requite something unique this 17 Christmas present ideas for the cyclist.


Bring your passion indoors with some beautifully created cycling artwork. There are lots of places out there but in our opinion, Etsy is a unconfined place to start.


Angry Pablo

Subtle off-bike cycling wardrobe is unchangingly a winner. Trammels out Angry Pablo’s range here. Also misogynist via the YJ rewards page


Sigma voucher

If you’re still struggling for inspiration or your partner has once bought everything we have mentioned, perhaps a souvenir vellum to their favourite trundling shop would do the trick?


finish line tableau yellow jersey trundling insurance

For a lucky few who have been overly so well-behaved this year, a new velocipede may be shoehorned lanugo the chimney in the early hours of Christmas day. Nothing quite beats the feeling of getting a trademark new velocipede or traps for the current bike, but the pain when parts get wrenched in a crash or stolen when you’re out and well-nigh is crushing. Requite yourself peace of mind with an insurance policy from Yellow Jersey. Crash damage, willy-nilly damage, theft at home, theft yonder from home, liability cover, racing, you name it, we have you covered. For increasingly information on our bicycle insurance and trundling travel insurance visit our website, or requite our friendly support team a undeniability on 0333 003 0046. PS, we’re opening presents over the Christmas period too, so trammels our opening hours if you need to speak to us on the phone ?? 

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