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Men's WorldTour 2024 - A Comprehensive Guide

Decathlon enters the fight with Van Rysel, Bora-Hansgrohe change to SRAM, and could 2024 be a year without Campagnolo in the WorldTour?

Welcome to the Cyclingnews WorldTour bicycles guide for 2024, a total and complete gather together of the bicycles and tech involved by the men's UCI WorldTour Groups for the impending cycling season. Make certain to look at the Ladies' WorldTour Bicycles as well.

The offseason appears to get increasingly short every year, we scarcely appear to have opportunity to draw breath here at Cyclingnews before the dashing starts off once more. On the off chance that you extravagant a recap of 2023's tech happenings before we go again for 2024, go to our gathering of the most fascinating tech accounts of the year, however we're now looking forward, anticipating January's initial season start off at the Visit Down Under in Australia.

WorldTour team bikes, tech and kit 2024

Thusly, we've been getting our work done in all the group pack changes, supporters and specialized accomplices for the 2024 season as news and declarations accumulate pace. We likely will not have the total picture until early January after all the authority group dispatches, however we've gathered together all that we know - or can find with certainty - underneath.

The sheer speed WorldTour street races are run off at these days is shocking. With hustling activity opening up from endlessly farther during races it appears. Progresses in preparing science and power meter innovation likewise mean there is a unimaginable strength top to bottom inside the men's WorldTour peloton.

Any group or rider not utilizing enhanced bicycles and gear will be in a difficult situation given the significant level and as such an ever increasing number of groups are investigating every possibility with regards to bicycles and unit. Losing a modest bunch of watts because of uncovered cabling or slow tires isn't a possibility for WorldTour racers, simply see Ineos Grenadiers' air transponder hack for confirmation.

We saw bicycles got heavier when groups initially changed to plate slows down quite a long while back. In 2023 be that as it may, it seemed like a few brands drew a ton nearer to the UCI 6.8kg weight limit again with lightweight, circle prepared, air enhanced bicycles. On the off chance that you accept the tech data and showcasing news, the present all's race bicycles are similarly as, while perhaps not more air than the hyper air race bicycles of just a modest bunch of years prior, yet they